One day, I’ll do good

Love is a commodity that we no longer use. Being nice is a convenience that people can no longer afford. It’s a waste of their time, they’d rather live forever. My forever has come to an end, I’ve run out of love. I’ve felt it for a while now, creeping through my body. Weaving its way around my being, all the hate and disgust that this world lives on. They drink tears poured from flawless diamonds. But, I have shed all my tears, I have worn out my body, and I have lived without a heart. Let them come. Let them seek me when the world turns against them. When they are left alone, longing for what  I once offered and what others never have. Let them come with their torches and pitchforks. I will stand there, an image of what they are. I will stand there, my pitchfork in the ground and the flame of my torch extinguished. I will stay there, on my knees.  I will leave them with nothing.

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