Green to red

Come back here.
You forgot your dignity.

Oh well, no one can say I didn’t try. We all have opinions. You have yours, and I have the right one. I’m not always right though. I’m willing to sit here and hear you out, to fill in the blanks. So why, then, would you run away? All I asked for was your opinion. I know you have one, because you were just rambling about it five seconds ago. You’re the problem. People like you, not anyone else. You’re all talk and no action. Yes, this place is ass backwards. Yes, it’s unfair. But you’re not being fair either.  None of us are free to roam and do as we please. We’re all in this together. You’re just the pot that’s calling the kettle black.


  1. I’ve just finished reading your posts from this one up to the newest, and I’m impressed with what I think is your ability to paint surreal images in words. It’s enchanting.

    Something that had caught my attention when I’d read the first few posts was that each of your writings seems driven by a single stimulus each; it forms the drop, and your writing, the ripples. This comment may be redundant, but in my reality such purity of intention isn’t so easy to come by.

    Even more gripping to me is how the influence to the stimulus could be anything that speaks at you, as though the words come to you from the outside in, and out again, like they’re everybody’s, your’s and nobody’s all at once.
    I don’t know how else to put it; I’m probably just too lazy to articulate well enough right now, but I hope you get it nonetheless. You would if my analysis was right anyway, don’t you think?

    • Thank you for your comment. Your analysis, in a way, is correct, which brings me to the title of my blog. I came up with the title in a ‘eureka’ moment. However, it does seem to work well with how you described my writing.
      In all honesty, I haven’t been able to define my style of writing, and I don’t want to. I believe that it adds more if I leave it up to the reader.

      I hope you get a chance to read the rest of my posts, and I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Right, I forget to add, in my sleepiness, that I think that that’s what the name of your blog refers to. “in case of loss please return to [____]”, meaning precisely that; return to everyone, yourself and no one in particular.

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