Men who stare at goats

There’s no life, no bubbles floating around. No childish laughter, for they are all smothered in their sleep. We are fed lies. Spoon fed, just to keep our mouths busy so as to not voice our opinion. We are not told what to do, for nothing is allowed. No one is out of breath and scars don’t exist. Instead of peering over the side of a cliff, people are pulling their legs up on couches. The paradoxical command post for their lives. They put on their social camouflage to blend in with society. No matter what you wear though, you will always feel naked in the public’s eye. You are undressed, your flaws are put on display to be scrutinized. Like cavemen, they have grown out their beards and outgrown their clothes. Not men who speak to God, rather, they are God themselves. Judge, jury, and executioner.

We are sheep and God is our shepherd. They are the middle men, deaf, blind, and mute. Translating the doodles they came up with while God was on the other line, wondering why these defects (them) weren’t reported. Wondering, why people flee his land at the first chance they get. Trips, to them, only mean traveling. Flying away for freedom, wrongfully pushing boundaries. There is no different mind state. There is no balance, only two extremes. We are made to believe that we are the delusional ones, constantly crashing after the high. Questioning everything around us, second guessing everything else. We do not live in a kingdom, we live in a state of emergency.

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  1. Faisal Al Mana

    Loved this!

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