This one is about a dream, one which I’ll have in a couple of days. I walk up to the door and ring the bell. I look down at the mat. I can feel the texture just by looking at it. The fuzz and dust caught in its weave, the harshness of its bristle.  I look back up and try to steady myself. My eyes are fixed on the door, but the image tilts and shifts. Everything is warped, as if I’m looking through a peephole. You open the door and you see me standing there, smiling with all the energy I have. I can barely stand up. My head bobs up and down as I take you in. Beige penny loafers connected to black tights. A blue button down shirt which is peeled back to reveal a white tank top. Simplistic blocks that fit perfectly together.  You pick at a thread on your shirt, I’m one strand away from being a basket case. Your hands are adorned with rings, not a single one in the wrong place. The sparkle in them compliments the gleam in your eye. I’d complement your smile, but I’m wondering where my heart went.

You have both arms behind your back now, you tell me to pick one. I’ll always choose the right one, because I know that I’m in good hands. Your arms open up to seize me, as I swallow you whole. I can feel the happiness in you, it seeps through our clothes. Your embrace is one of anguish, you’re holding on for dear life. But, I don’t want to let you go either. We just stand there on the edge, in the doorway.

You usher me in. I’m amazed by all the darkness and light as I step inside. I’m in your head, wondering if my heart feels the same. I feel a warm glow, it’s like a lava lamp. Emotions swirling around, congealing and dissipating. But, always illuminating the interior. A smile on the inside. A homey feeling, paired with timeless beauty. Peaceful surroundings where you can hear the fun of laughter. Isolated, we each have each other. Our own backyard in a deserted part of the world. Sweet ends, although nothing guarantees we reach there. Is it time to make this summer-house a year round home? Just let me sleep for five more minutes, then I’ll give you an answer.

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