Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens

I wake up and there’s no trace of you. You left in the middle of the night, without a word. I lay in what little light remains, as the sun gropes the horizon. I start to think that perhaps you don’t really exist. You couldn’t possibly be real. But, then I notice a spider bite on the inside of my thigh. The distinct markings of a Black Widow. I contemplate your veil, hanging surreptitiously from the dresser. My body seizes as I recall your image from two hours ago. Taking turns, undressing each other’s thoughts. You took me onto your tongue like a pill, and you washed it down with my ego. I reach out blindly, trying to grab hold of my insanity. I clutch the picture of you that I keep under my pillow. I first noticed your beauty, when it was your charm that noticed me. The beauty of your ways and how you, Venus, eclipsed my being. This is bigger than both of us. I’d rather have you in my head than around my neck.

Like a noose, you restrict my airways as you breathe new life into me. I want to rid myself of childish antics. I need you to nurture me, to feed my every desire. I implore you. You put your foot in my mouth, to quiet me. But I already kiss the ground you walk on. This act of yours only excites me. You make my heart come, and you can’t swallow the enormity of it. Everything in my body points to you. My words are like incantations that open your doors, but I am not invited in. I want to feel the inside of you. To be under you skin, like you are under mine. I have the scar of your lips on my wrist, where you first kissed me. The acid on your tongue burning a hole in me. I drink from your mouth, the fountain of youth. Your nails draw lines down my back that separate the stars from the oceans. You’re a goddess that guides my bodily fluids. You are the question to all the answers I’ve ever had about love. I don’t want to jeopardize this. Your subconscious is an art form. One which I fold into an orgasmic state, as I tap my love into you like Morse code. I am the custard-filled donut of your joy. You sink your teeth into me, erupting violently. The synapses in your brain reach climax. Snap, crackle, and pop.

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